What we do?

We offer a wide range of services covering many aspects of business and personal computing, not only limited to this there are other services available including Phone Systems, IP Phone Systems design, installation and setup, and CCTV and home security products and installation.
We specialise in equipment for our sister company Brunel Microscopes Ltd, from the digital range we can provide cameras, video software and measuring software, and even the PC or laptop that is recommended for use with specific microscopes.
If you are interested in our specialist services please don't hessitate to contact us using the contact form on this website.

Computer/ Laptop Repair Services!

If you are having issues with your Computer or Laptop we can help you find the problem and repair it for you*.
We can also help you repair it yourself if you prefer with helpful advice on what steps you need to take to achieve this, you may also decide this is not for you and you would like us to carry out any repair needed in which case we can do this for you.
If a repair is not possible we can present you with what options are available to you, from replacing parts to buying a whole new Computer or Laptop that best suits your needs. There is a wide range of products available on our e-shop, and we also have a range of Computers and Laptops that are not available on our e-shop, these are available on request and can be customised to your requirements.

Online Shop

In our e-Shop offer very competitive prices on our online shop. Easy to register and order with next day delivery, a large range of quality products available. Products are updated and added on a daily basis so keep an eye on the site for some great special offers.

Click 'Shop Online' to browse our e-shop.

Support Services

The support services available are based on customer requirements, we can cover all IT related products, hardware and software including Network/Infrastructure, E-mail, Broadband, Telephone, Remote Desktop and/or on-site support. As well as microscope support through our sister company.
For more information and detail on our support range please visit the 'Support Services' section of the website.

Hosting Services

The hosting services are split into two sections, these are the basic hosting services, in which your email, website (including website design), domain(s), DNS, and any other required service(s), more information on these can be found on our 'Hosting Solutions' page.
The second service of hosting is your own server(s) which can be either rented hardware from us or alternatively your own hardware located in our cloud hosting facility and control over your server from our website.
Collectively both services are under our cloud hosting platform and more details on these and other services can be obtained from the 'Hosting Solutions' Menu above.

Domain Name Services

You can purchase domain names through us, we do not offer this as a web service, but if you would like to have a domain name, and email please contact us, via telephone or email, and we will assist you with the domain name setup process and any associated services, and help you pick what is right for you.

Any customer contact will be responded to within 5 business days, however it is usually much quicker than this (within 1-2 business days), but in the rare occasion you have not heard from us within the 5 days please contact us so that we can escalate the enquiry to become priority.

If you have any issues with any domain name, this includes any domain abuse, please contact us to report the issue so we can assist in resolving any issues. Please contact via email or telephone.

Microsoft Partner ESet Reseller Nomiment Member and TAG holder

Various other vendor partners and resellers, which allow us to meet your needs/requirements.

*If a repair is not possible and inspection fee still applies